Sandra Atlas Bass Movement Disorders Fellowship Details

We offer a two-year fellowship in movement disorders which includes an in-depth clinical experience with a large volume and diversity of patients; instruction and experience in the use of botulinum toxin; deep brain surgery; and clinical research.

Our objective is to provide training in a broad range of movement disorders, and to foster the development of excellent clinical skills and scholarly research.

During the first year, fellows actively participate in:

  • Clinical evaluations
  • Ongoing clinical care
  • Clinical research programs

Fellows are encouraged to take an active role in structuring patient management and learn interventional therapies, including pharmacotherapy, local injections of botulinum toxin and management of deep brain stimulation.

During the second year, fellows will continue to have some clinical responsibilities but have an opportunity to focus on specific areas of interest, participate in clinical trials and develop a mentored research project. Courses in clinical trial design, statistics and related topics can also be pursued during this second year.