Neurology Residency Program Details


The overall goal of the Neurology Residency Training Program is to prepare the resident physician for the independent practice of clinical neurology. Each resident comes to the program having had at least one preliminary year of training (PGY-1) that contained either eight months in internal medicine or six months in internal medicine and at least two months total time in pediatrics, emergency medicine, or both. The three-year program in neurology is structured so that each resident has at least 18 months (full-time equivalent) of clinical adult neurology, including at least 6 months (full-time equivalent) of outpatient neurology. As the residents progress through the program, there is progressively more responsibility assigned.

The following provides an overview of program goals and philosophy and an outline of our curriculum and teaching schedule. No website can answer every candidate's questions. Therefore, we encourage you to call us if we can clarify or expand on any components of our program.

First Year of the Neurology Residency Program (PGY-2)

During their first year of the Neurology Residency Program, the resident is exposed to an unusually wide spectrum of neurological disorders, including those that are acute and chronic, and common and rare.  First-year residents spend nine blocks at North Shore University Hospital and/or Long Island Jewish Medical Center on the inpatient neurology services, one block at Montefiore Medical Center on the floor service, one block at North Shore University Hospital on the neurosurgery rotation, 2-weeks on the neuroradiology rotation and a 2-week elective.

Second Year of the Neurology Residency Program (PGY-3)

The second-year neurology resident spends six and half blocks on the adult neurology inpatient services. One block of psychiatry, one block of pediatric neurology, six weeks on the consult service at Montefiore Medical Center, and two blocks of electives round out the second-year experience.
Fourth Year of the Neurology Residency Program (PGY-4)

The fourth-year neurology resident has five blocks of elective/OPD time available to pursue neurologic subspecialties and outpatient exposure. The remainder of the year includes three blocks on the adult neurology inpatient services, two blocks of pediatric neurology, one block of advanced neurophysiology (EEG), EMG.