Outpatient Clinics

Extensive training and experience in ambulatory neurology occurs throughout the three-year neurology training program.

The Neurology Clinics are set up in such a way as to simulate as much as possible a private-practice setting. Continuity of patient care and resident education are a high priority in the design of the clinics . Hence, residents are assigned to a specific clinic, each headed by full-time attending neurologists, for their entire three years of residency. Also, the patients are maintained as much as possible in the same clinic, even though residents change every three years. In this way, the clinic attendings become familiar with the more complex clinic patients and smooth the transition of resident turnover.

We view the clinics as the most important outpatient activity for the neurology residents, since they provide a continuity experience for learning how to care for a cohort of patients. In addition, a unique mentoring relationship develops between the resident and the clinic attendings over three years.

All neurology residents spend one half-day per week throughout their entire three-year residency in the neurology clinics.