Georgann Campbell

Georgeann Campbel

With stroke, getting immediate treatment at a state-designated stroke center can mean the difference between life and death. Eleven hospitals in the North Shore-LIJ Health System have been designated stroke centers by the New York State Department of Health (see list on page 6). These hospitals have established protocols and treatment guidelines to ensure stroke patients receive the highest quality of care.

Georgeann Campbell, 67, of Queens Village, NY, had a stroke in April 2006. “I knew I had risk factors but didn’t expect to have a stroke because I was taking medication for diabetes and high blood pressure and following my doctor’s instructions,” she said. “I would have been interested in the prevention clinic,” said Ms. Campbell. “I would have done anything to prevent a stroke. It’s too permanent and sometimes the effects are lifelong.” Ms. Campbell said she’s doing “pretty well,” with some weakness on one side of her face.