FAQs about Brain Tumor Procedures

How can I schedule an appointment?
Email us at neuro@nshs.edu, call us at (516) 941-1260 or 844-56Neuro (844-566-3876). 

How can I contact my doctors after I am discharged?
You can reach us at (516) 941-1260.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
You need to bring in your medical reports, any imaging study reports and films such as MRI or CT scan.

How long does the typical appointment take?
Typically appointments for new patients take about 45 minutes.

How do I reorder a prescription?
Your doctor or our nurse practitioners will be able to assist you with any concerns regarding your prescriptions.

Are brain tumors hereditary?
A small percentage of brain tumors are due to inherited genetic syndromes.

Do my relatives have to be checked for the presence of tumors?
Only if in your case a genetic syndrome is causing the tumor.

What should I bring to the hospital?
Lists of all medications, contact numbers of personal physicians and reading material.

If I need surgery how long will it take?
Approximately four hours. However brain surgeries can take anywhere from an hour to 12 hours.

Can I have visitors while I am in the hospital?

Will an intensive care unit (ICU) stay be necessary?
As a routine protocol, ICU stay is required for one night after surgery.

How long should I expect to be hospitalized?
Patients typically are hospitalized for four days after brain surgery. 

When can I get out of bed?
You will be assisted out of bed the morning after surgery.

When will the incision be healed?
Incisions after brain surgery heal quickly, usually in one to two weeks. Staples are removed 10 days after surgery.

Will I get prescriptions for pain medications upon discharge?
Yes, you will be provided with a clear set of instructions and prescriptions at the time of discharge.

How long am I going to be on medications?
Most patients are on anticonvulsant drugs in the initial post-operative period but are eventually weaned. You may also be on medications to prevent swelling. Your doctor will determine when it is safe for you to come off these medications.

When can I shower/wash my hair?
Typically the morning after staples is removed.

Can I dye my hair after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation?
Yes. After brain surgery you may dye your hair. Although we do suggest a two-month wait.

How soon can I drive?
There is no specific answer as it varies from patient to patient. Patients are typically instructed to wait about three to four weeks after surgery.

When can I be physically and sexually active again?
A physical therapy program is tailored for each individual patient. Moderate activity after discharge is encouraged. Your doctors will advise you on the level of activity and how quickly you can increase the amount of exercise and sexual activity.

How soon can I return to work?
It depends on the patient, their pre-treatment and post-treatment condition and the demands of their job. Consult your doctor. Typically patients are instructed not to return to work until one month after surgery. Of course depending on the type of surgery it may take longer.

Do I need a long-term follow-up after my treatment and discharge from the hospital?
Most patients may require at least yearly follow up.