Headache Center

The Headache Center, part of the Cushing Neuroscience Institutes at New York’s North Shore-LIJ Health System, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches caused by neurological and psychiatric illnesses as well as hard-to-treat migraines. Many patients who suffer from severe headache disorders require a personalized headache treatment plan and a higher level of care that may only be available in a specialized outpatient or inpatient program.

Led by Dr. Noah Rosen, the Headache Center provides headache treatment plans for migraines, facial headaches, sinus headaches, tension headaches and related conditions. The center employs a multidisciplinary team that includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychological care providers and rehabilitation professionals who offer medical therapy as well as interventional options for the treatment of the entire spectrum of headaches.

Types of Headaches
Headaches are classified in two general categories:

  • Primary headaches are headaches in which the head pain is the problem itself. Most severe headaches are primary headaches. The most common primary headaches include migraine, status migrainousus (migraines lasting over 72 hours), menstrual migraine, tension-type headache and cluster headache (one-sided head pain).
  • Secondary headaches mean that the head pain is a symptom of an underlying condition. The most common secondary headaches include those attributed to:
    • head or neck trauma
    • cranial or cervical vascular disorders
    • non-vascular intracranial disorder
    • use of a substance or withdrawal
    • infection
    • disorder of homeostasis
    • psychiatric condition
    • disorders of cranium, neck, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, teeth, mouth or other facial or cranial structure
    • in rare cases, a result of a brain tumor or abnormal blood vessel

Make an appointment at the Headache Center:
Cushing Neuroscience Institute’s Headache Center makes it easy for you to take the first steps in ensuring the best neurological and neurosurgical care for yourself or your family.  Simply email us at neuro@nshs.edu or call us at (516) 325-7070 or 844-56Neuro (844-566-3876). You may also fill out our Request an Appointment form.