Hyperhidrosis Center

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes uncontrollable and excessive sweating in particular parts of the body such as the palms of the hands (palmar hyperhidrosis), arm pits (axillary hyperhidrosis), feet (pedal hyperhidrosis) and face (facial hyperhidrosis). Sometimes it can affect the entire body, and may be associated with a pungent odor (bromhidrosis). The problem is generally worse in warm weather, although people with hyperhidrosis can sweat excessively even when their body is cool or when they are just resting.

Hyperhidrosis can be very disabling, since it commonly interferes with various professional and personal activities. Severe hyperhidrosis often causes social anxiety and may lead to the loss of a person’s sense of well-being, embarrassment, psychological problems and depression. Even though anxiety and stressful situations can make the symptoms worse, hyperhidrosis is not primarily a psychological disorder. When it is severe, hyperhidrosis does not respond well to medical therapies and may require surgery.

One of America's Leading Hyperhidrosis Centers

The Hyperhidrosis Center at North Shore University Hospital is part of the renowned Cushing Neuroscience Institute. As one of the leading hyperhidrosis centers in the country, we provide a comprehensive program staffed with senior neurosurgeons and thoracic surgeons with many years of experience in treating this relatively uncommon condition.

The team of hyperhidrosis specialists at our center uses the most sophisticated medical and surgical techniques for the treatment of excessive sweating. Most patients who come to our center have already tried various local and systemic (by mouth) therapies. For patients who have not been previously treated for hyperhidrosis, we provide a trial of such treatments. In selected severe cases, minimally invasive endoscopic surgery is very effective, especially in patients with palmar hyperhidrosis as the primary problem. This surgery is done by a collaborative surgical team of neurosurgeon Dr. Raj K. Narayan and thoracic surgeon Dr. Lawrence R. Glassman. Both surgeons are highly experienced in hyperhidrosis surgery, including endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS), a minimally invasive surgical procedure that has a high success rate in properly selected patients.

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