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Welcome to the Patient Education and Support section of the Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center.

The Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center provides materials that educate patients and caregivers about this rare birth defect. Also included is a listing of online support groups that provide assistance and information. Please feel free to explore this section for educational, patient-friendly information to learn more about your condition.

 Educational Materials

Management of Hypothalamic Hamartomas

Management of hypothalamic hamartomas: progress due to the alignment of the stars

Article by Dr. Harold Rekate, Director, Hypothalamic Hamartoma Center.
 a personal odyssey The evolution of treatment for hypothalamic hamartoma: a personal odyssey
Article by Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld, M.D., Department of Neurosurgery, The Alfred Hospital, The Alfred Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Support Groups
H Hugs.
Contains videos, stories and education for those dealing with hypothalamic hamartoma and their caregivers The site houses a large number of articles on the topic, discussing issues such as diet and recognizing the signs and symptoms of hypothalamic hamartoma. It also includes numerous educational and testimonial videos, including pre- and post-surgical evaluations.

Hope for Hypothalamic Hamartomas. This resource provides information and support for hypothalamic hamartoma patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. The site offers extensive information on early detection, ground-breaking research and up-to-date medical opinions.

Hypothalamic Hamartoma Facebook group. An active group providing the latest information, education and online support. Must be a Facebook member to access.