Moyamoya Disease Treatment, Surgery

Moyamoya Disease treatments and surgery are performed by a nationally recognized, multidisciplinary group of physicians at the Moyamoya Center at North Shore-LIJ's renowned Cushing Neuroscience Institute

Moyamoya disease treatment is directed to patients that are symptomatic with transient ischemic strokes (TIAs), strokes or bleeding. There is no medical therapy for the disease, although aspirin is often recommended because it is helpful for stroke prevention. Surgical treatment for symptomatic patients involves restoring blood flow to the deprived brain. Two distinct types of brain bypass are utilized: 1) direct bypass or 2) indirect revascularization. 

Direct Bypass Surgery Treatment for Moyamoya Disease

A direct bypass is the Moyamoya disease surgery treatment of choice for adults if the patient's particular anatomy allows it. During the direct bypass procedure, a blood vessel from the scalp (superficial temporal artery) is surgically attached to a brain blood vessel (middle cerebral artery) through a small skull defect. The bypass immediately provides additional blood to the starved brain.

Indirect Revascularization Surgery Treatment for Moyamoya Disease

The indirect technique is the Moyamoya disease surgery treatment of choice for children and is also useful for adults with the disease. The indirect revascularization, or synangiosis, involves suturing a scalp blood vessel directly to the brain substance rather than to another blood vessel. The covering of the brain, called dura, may also be used during this operation to enhance the effectiveness of this technique. The restoration of blood flow following an indirect procedure may take weeks to months, but will typically provide sufficient blood flow as it matures to prevent future strokes.

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