Spine Center

The Spine Center at North Shore-LIJ Health System's Cushing Neuroscience Institute offers comprehensive spine evaluations and treatment plans by an expert team of neurosurgeons, physiatrists, nurses and therapists. Spinal treatments may include surgery, pain management, physical therapy and injections. The Spine Center offers the latest in innovative technologies, including:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery – surgery that uses computer-assisted equipment, smaller incisions and less invasive techniques to relieve your pain.
  • Kyphoplasty – this minimally invasive procedure is done on a compression fracture to restore bone height in the spinal vertebra and reverse deformity of the spine.
  • Spinal Decompression – a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for disc pain in the neck and back. It can be an effective alternative to back surgery.
  • Spinal Fusion surgery that permanent joins together two bones (vertebrae) in the spine so there is no longer movement between them.
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation a procedure that uses an electrical current to treat chronic pain
  • Epidural, facet and sacroiliac joint injections – spinal injections can be useful both for providing pain relief and as a diagnostic tool to help identify the source of the patient’s back pain.

The Spine Center provides state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary spine care to help patients regain mobility and return to active, independent lives. From spinal diagnosis to treatment, our spine specialists will be with you every step of the way.

The Spine Center works closely with the specialists at the Pain Center at Cushing Neuroscience Institute, to provide our patients with the most advanced and effective pain management treatments.

Make an appointment at the Spine Center:
Cushing Neuroscience Institute’s Spine Center makes it easy for you to take the first steps in ensuring the best neurological and neurosurgical care for yourself and your family. Simply email us at neuro@nshs.edu, contact one of our locations or call 844-56Neuro (844-566-3876). You may also fill out our Request an Appointment form.